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Dev Team Bios

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Developement team

The people behind the development efforts around the Kamikaze/Redeem/Toggle environment, and of course, the Hardware of Thing-Printer :) The slack handle is in parentheses, as well as known affiliations.


Elias Bakken (@elias) - Thing Printer

Manga Screen

Elias Bakken (@elias)


Theodor Andersen (@theoanden)

Justin McLeod (@mcleod)


Andrew Wiley (@wiley)

Bryan Rentoul (@gruvin)

Alex Carlson (@carlsoar)


Elias Bakken (@elias) - Thing Printer


Elias Bakken (@elias) - Thing Printer

Jon Charnas (@jon_c) - SW developer

Branden Coates (@gearheadred)

Kevin Eales (@manbehindthemadness)


Jon Charnas (@jon_c) - SW developer

Branden Coates (@gearheadred)

Kevin Eales (@manbehindthemadness)

Noteworthy contributors

The people listed below are contributing heavily to the Wiki, user or developer support in one way or another, and the development team wishes to acknowledge their contributions by listing them here:

Dan Cook (@dancook) - fearless beta tester & user support

Seth Opgenorth (@sopgenorth) - beta tester & user support

Alex (@akex_) - beta tester & development of Toggle alternative "AkexUI" based on Qt

Jean-Sebastien Carrier (@jean_seb) - SW developer at Dyze Design building support for the Sentinel filament sensor in redeem

Phillip Turner (@techmav) - beta tester, user support, and wiki documentation

There are many others who will be added when information beyond their Slack handles can be gathered and listed on this page.