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Replicape: Getting Started

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Under construction

This page is still under construction, but is aimed as a basic "what to do when you get your Replicape". If you have any questions/comments, post them in the G+ community or find someone on #replicape on freenode's IRC to edit things to be more coherent.

The rest of the documentation is already shaping up rather well, but documents each part separately. This page is here to put it in a "what do I need to read about when?" format.

Step One

Installing Kamikaze

The first step to running the Replicape board with Redeem is to install an OS on the BBB. It is recommended that you download and install the latest pre-build Kamikaze image on the SD card then it will update the BBB image.

Check if you need to reflash your EEPROM

Only a few capes need to reflash the EEPROM on arrival. If you think this is the case of yours, follow these steps: Replicape_rev_B#Update_EEPROM

Step Two

Setting up Redeem with endstops

In case you missed it, check Elias' youtube video on endstops.

MOSFETS turn on and stay on until redeem actually starts

This can be addressed with a patched Uboot, in which case you will see the mosfets on for a few seconds until the boot reinitializes the pin outputs to low until Redeem can take over.


I got my Replicape, but redeem can't communicate with it

Are you powering only through USB? If so, that will be a source of difficulties. The replicape needs power applied to communicate with the BBB underneath, the BBB won't power the Replicape. Normally, the opposite is what happens, with the BBB being powered by the Replicape. See Replicape_rev_B#Power for details of the error to look for in your system log.