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Jon c

Java SW engineer by day, spending the rest of my time split 3 ways between girlfriend, 3d printer and RC gliders (in that order, mostly).

Backer of the Rev B3 replicape kickstarter, started getting involved with Kamikaze packaging in fall of 2016. Since a kitchen knife accident left me with too much time on my hands, even if I couldn't type very fast, I realized most users weren't updating redeem or octoprint on the 2.0.8 image. This resulted in 2.1.0 being pushed out in early January 2017, bringing a number of extra features, such as the new full-featured slicer plugin in octoprint and mjpg pre-installed.

After discussion with Elias and others in the slack development channel, took the lead on the Umikaze project.

I mostly hang around slack, with snarky humor and lots of ideas, with only a few of them good in the middle.

Github repo for Umikaze development