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Mash on BeagleBone

Mash is currently not working properly. It seems that Material is deprecated and behind the scenes is calls cogl_pipeline_new() which is part of the 2.0 api: https://git.gnome.org/browse/cogl/tree/cogl/cogl-material-compat.c?h=cogl-1.16

from gi.repository import Clutter, Mash, Cogl
import os


model = Mash.Model.new_from_file(Mash.DataFlags.NONE, os.getcwd()+"/suzanne.ply")
model.set_size(100, 100)

stage = Clutter.Stage()

pl = Cogl.Pipeline()
print Cogl.is_pipeline(pl)

Cogl.is_pipeline(pl) returns 0..