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This is a guide to help get the Replicape up and running for those using a MendelMax printer.

Get the Image

First, download the latest Replicape image onto your host machine from this page:


Make the uSD Card

If you are running Windows, extract the .img file, then flash your uSD card with Win32 Disk Imager:


Here's a tutorial:


If using a Linux host then follow the regular procedure:

 sudo -s
 xz -dkc BBB-eMMC-flasher-v2013.06-2014.02.24.img.xz | pv -s 3430m > /dev/sdX

Remember that 'X' is the device ID. Make sure you have the correct one! Mine was /dev/sdb1

Setting up the BeagleBone

When you first boot up the bone, it will automatically launch into Toggle. If you wish to disable this press Alt+F4 to pull up the terminal, then for login type "root" then enter. Once you have logged in you will need to disable Toggle by entering the following:

 systemctl disable toggle

On the next boot it will go directly to the terminal.

Now you want to update opkg, install wget, and upgrade opkg:

 opkg update
 opkg install wget
 opkg upgrade



Now you should boot into the terminal, again login as root, there is no password. If you plan on connecting through USB to a host running Pronterface then you will need to disable the virtual serial port:

 systemctl disable serial-getty@ttyGS0.service

If you plan on controlling the Replicape with a USB connection to the host machine, be sure that USB is enabled in Redeem.py:

cd /usr/src/redeem/software

Use nano editor to uncomment line 141:

nano Redeem.py

once changes are made hit F3 to save.

Getting the Latest Redeem Files

You will want to make sure to get the latest files for the Redeem daemon from https://bitbucket.org/intelligentagent/redeem, first make sure to move into the appropriate directory. You will need to also create a configs directory in the main redeem folder:

 cd /usr/src/redeem
 mkdir configs

Now move the existing files out and get the latest ones, you can use wget to do this, so for instance say the Redeem.py file was just updated, so i'd change into the software directory and use wget to download the latest:

 cd /usr/src/redeem/software
 rm Redeem.py
 wget --no-check-certificate https://bitbucket.org/intelligentagent/redeem/raw/57390c8bd28f50f40d2bfc9af05cf3d388f1a81d/software/Redeem.py

Note: Redeem.py needs to be executable, so once you download the file:

 chmod +x Redeem.py

MendelMax.cfg Settings

Here is a copy of my config file for the Mendelmax:

revision = A3

# Cartesian X-Y
axis_config = 0

# Set the total length each axis can travel 
travel_x = 0.18
travel_y = 0.18
travel_z = 0.18

# Define the origin in relation to the endstops
offset_x = 0.0
offset_y = 0.0
offset_z = 0.0

# Stepper e is ext 1, h is ext 2
acceleration =	0.5

microstepping_x = 4
microstepping_y = 4
microstepping_z = 4
microstepping_e = 4
microstepping_h = 4

current_x = 1.0
current_y = 1.0
current_z = 1.4
current_e = 1.4
current_h = 1.4

steps_pr_mm_x = 5.0
steps_pr_mm_y = 5.0
steps_pr_mm_z = 100.0        # 2mm pitch 12mm dia. threads
steps_pr_mm_e = 32.0           # Direct drive 5.18:1 extruder
steps_pr_mm_h = 32.0

# Max speed for the steppers in m/s
max_speed_x = 0.2
max_speed_y = 0.2
max_speed_z = 0.02
max_speed_e = 0.1
max_speed_h = 0.1

# Homing speed for the steppers in m/s
home_speed_x = 0.05
home_speed_y = 0.05 
home_speed_z = 0.01
home_speed_e = 0.01
home_speed_h = 0.01

# Which steppers are enabled
enabled_x = True
enabled_y = True
enabled_z = True
enabled_e = True
enabled_h = False

# Set to -1 if axis is inverted
direction_x =  1
direction_y =  1
direction_z =  1
direction_e =  1
direction_h =  1

path = /sys/bus/w1/devices/28-000002e34b73/w1_slave

# For list of available temp charts, look in temp_chart.py
# Epcos 100 K
ext1_temp_chart = B57560G104F
ext2_pid_p = 0.05
ext2_pid_i = 0.01
ext2_pid_d = 0.01
ext1_ok_range = 2.0 

# Epcos 100 K
ext2_temp_chart = B57560G104F
ext2_pid_p = 0.05
ext2_pid_i = 0.01
ext2_pid_d = 0.01
ext2_ok_range = 2.0

# Epcos 100 K
hbp_temp_chart = B57560G104F
hbp_pid_p = 0.05
hbp_pid_i = 0.01
hbp_pid_d = 0.01
hbp_ok_range = 4.0

#Set to true if ON/OFF temperature control should be used instead of proper PID
ext1_onoff_control = False
ext2_onoff_control = False
hbp_onoff_control = False

# Invert = False means endtop is connected as Normaly Open (NO)
has_x = True
has_y = True
has_z = True

inputdev = /dev/input/event0
invert_X1 = True
invert_X2 = True
invert_Y1 = True
invert_Y2 = True
invert_Z1 = True
invert_Z2 = True

# If one endstop is hit, which steppers and driections are masked.  
# The mask is 0b00<Z+><Y+><X+><Z-><Y-><X->
lookup_mask_X1 = 0b00000001
lookup_mask_Y1 = 0b00000010
lookup_mask_Z1 = 0b00100100
lookup_mask_X2 = 0b00001000
lookup_mask_Y2 = 0b00010000
lookup_mask_Z2 = 0b00100100

More to come:

work in progress...