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Replicape rev B3/B3A Pinouts

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Current Board Pinouts

Questions have been asked, concerning what pins are in use by the Replicape and which are still available for use. Below is the pinout for the Beaglebone Black and the current version of the Replicape (version B3A) for your reference.

Previous versions can be found in the Legacy Information section on the Main Page

Power and Reset can be broken out with a momentary switch between P9 pin 9 and ground for Power, and P9 pin10 and ground for Reset. Ground can be picked off at P9 pin1 or P9 pin2.


The Replicape board pinout is oriented the same as the Beaglebone pinout, viewed from above with the network connector at the top of the image.

Replicape pinout rev B3.png