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Rebuilding the packages for Angstrom

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This page is about how to re-build the ipk in the thing image including u-boot and kernel etc. This is for Angstrom v2014.06 on Beaglebone. The host is Ubuntu 12.04.

Get the Angstrom setup scripts:

 git clone https://github.com/Angstrom-distribution/setup-scripts.git
 cd setup-scripts/

Branch to Angstrom v2014.06:

 git checkout -b angstrom-v2014.06-yocto1.6 origin/angstrom-v2014.06-yocto1.6

And for convenience, append setup-scripts/conf/local.conf

 nano conf/local.conf

Add this to the top:

 MACHINE ??="beaglebone"

Configure - fetch the recipes:

 MACHINE=beaglebone ./oebb.sh config beaglebone
 . ./environment-angstrom-v2014.06

Add the recipies to the sources:

 nano sources/layers.txt

Add this:


append setup-scripts/conf/bblayers.conf:

 nano conf/bblayers.conf

Add this:

 ${TOPDIR}/sources/meta-replicape \
 ${TOPDIR}/sources/meta-gir/meta-gir \

Check out the layers:

 ./oebb.sh update

Making packages

The dependencies are all handled by building redeem:

 bitbake redeem

You can also build these packages, if needed:

  • pasm
  • tty0tty
  • toggle
  • cura
  • curaengine
  • clutter
  • cogl
  • octoprint

If you just want to Each of the packages can be made with

 bitbake <package>

The ipk shows up in setup-scripts/deploy/eglibc/ipk/

Once you have uploaded the package to your bbb, it can be installed in the normal manner:

 opkg install <package>

The Replicape layer also provides a few complete images:

  • systemd-thing-image
  • systemd-debrew-image

These can be made with

 bitbake <image>