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Release notes Umikaze 2.2.0

Release notes

It's been a good year and then some in the works.

Below follows a list of features added to 2.2.0 since Umikaze 2.1.1 came out:

  • In-place upgrade where possible (tries to preserve Octoprint, Redeem, Toggle & network settings)
  • Redeem version 2.2.x - the latest stable version for Replicape
  • Toggle 1.3.x - with native support for Manga Screen 2 large and small built-in
  • Slic3r and Cura removed by default, scripts to install them if you want them are made ready (read relevant section in Umikaze 2.2.0 page)
  • Smoother, faster, more accurate path planner
  • Fan actions in sync with G-Code execution

IMPORTANT FOR B3 USERS: Make sure you either unplug your power circuit (especially extruders & heated bed), or power only the BBB during the upgrade. Otherwise during the whole upgrade process you'll get the floating state of the replicape (when the motors buzz on boot). There is a patch for this in the wiki here.

This new release of 2.1.1 unfortunately cannot fit in the eMMC of the 2GB beaglebones anymore - despite best efforts to keep the size down, the added requirements for Redeem make it just too large to fit.

You have our sincere apologies from the whole development team about the time it has taken us to get the new image to you. However as we're all volunteers and life got in the way of many of us, we hope you'll forgive us and enjoy what you can do with your hardware now anyway.

Configuration changes

to be filled out by dev team


As always, the recommended way of flashing the Umikaze 2.2.0 image is to use Etcher.

You'll need a microSD card of 4GB at least, and be ready for the fact that all data previously on it will be erased to make room for the Umikaze image.

Important note if you can't easily access your BBB mounted on the printer

If you have difficulty accessing your BeagleBone to connect it via ethernet or the mini-USB socket, please take the time to read this section before proceeding, it'll save you time and pain. Or at least warn you of what's ahead.

to be filled out by dev team


Insert the microSD into the BeagleBone when it's powered off.

Power up the BeagleBone, holding down the boot button (the button closes to the SD card slot) until you see all 4 LEDs light up. After up to a minute the cylon (or Knight-Rider) pattern should start going, indicating the flash is happening.

When the Beaglebone powers down, remove the SD card and hit the power button to start up Umikaze 2.2.0.