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Upgrade to Kernel 3.12.1

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This page is about upgrading to an experimental version of Linux Kernel 3.12. The source has been taken from the BeagleBoard kernel repository and as far as I know no one is distributing this kernel in binary form yet. The current kernel for Angstrom is 3.8.

The reason for wanting to upgrade to this kernel is to take advantage of the latest PowerVR SDK which is linked towards this kernel. Also, the PRUSS is working.

Add the new feed

 echo "src/gz replicape-beaglebone http://feeds.thing-printer.com/feeds/v2013.06/ipk/eglibc/beaglebone/" > /etc/opkg/replicape-beaglebone.conf

Update the local sources:

 opkg update

Install the necessary packages:

 opkg install kernel kernel-devicetrees kernel-modules kernel-image-3.12.1 kernel-3.12.1

I've had some trouble upgrading from a previous version where the kernel modules are not upgraded as they should. If that happens do a:

 opkg install `opkg depends kernel-modules`

Then make sure you sync before rebooting. Also, make sure that you have the BeagleBone Black connected with Ethernet and you know the IP address (ifconfig) . If the modules fail to load, the Ethernet over USB will not function.